Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Japanese Menu at Sushi Hiroba

Last month I wrote about a new restaurant called Sushi Hiroba and some of the Korean dishes they offered. Since then I have gone back to eat their amazing bi-bim-bap again, as well as some of their different sushi rolls from the Japanese side of their menu. As someone who was only introduced to sushi a few years ago, I can be confident in telling you that I am no expert in sushi. However, all of the rolls that I have ordered at Sushi Hiroba have been very delicious and satisfying.
Here are some photos of the rolls that I have tried.
The Philadelphia roll with cucumber, cream cheese, and smoked salmon, and an avocado roll.
This was my first time ordering a Philadelphia roll because I was a little wary of cream cheese in sushi, but it was actually really great!
Ah, the avocado roll. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you probably know just how much I love avocado rolls. For me, it is such a joy to see that this restaurant doesn't skimp on the avocado, as compared to other places that make their avocado rolls with rice on the inside and only a small amount of avocado.
From top to bottom: The salad roll with various cabbages and lettuce. The unakyu roll with cooked eel, cucumber, tempura flakes, and eel sauce. The dynamite roll with tempura shrimp, avocado, cucumber, tempura flakes, caviar, and eel sauce. All were really delicious, especially the unakyu roll, but I don't think I'll get the salad roll again just because I prefer when salad rolls have other vegetables in them.
The cucumber roll.
The spicy tuna roll with tempura flakes on top.
The spicy salmon roll with yellow pickled radish on top.
Then one day when I was there with my uncle, I decided to order some green tea ice cream from the very back of the menu. The only other time I had eaten green tea ice cream was when I went to the Japanese Steak House during the summer and back then I had thought that the ice cream tasted weird. This time it was the same. Some people go crazy for green tea ice cream, I'll admit that it does taste pleasant after you've gotten used to it, but I think that for me it will just remain a novelty dish that I can tell my friends I've tried.
Well those are some of the rolls that I've tried. I'll leave all the fancy and expensive rolls for other folks to try because I much prefer the simple and inexpensive rolls. If you'd like to try the food at Sushi Hiroba, whether it be Japanese or Korean, the restaurant is located at 2615 Pembina highway, just across the street from the main gates of the University of Manitoba.

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