Friday, May 18, 2012

Photos From the Manitoba Food Bloggers Bake Sale

Today, between 10:00am and 2:00pm, the Manitoba Food Bloggers held it's very first bake sale, supported by Manitoba Canola Growers, downtown at Aqua Books. My mother and I were lucky enough to have time to zip down at around noon to pick up some of the tasty treats that had been baked and contributed by all the Manitoba bloggers who had signed up for the event.
Along with a bake sale, the event also included a small canola bake-off competition. Here are the results that I found in the Facebook group...

"The winners are: 
1st place - Claudine Gervais Ginger Thumbprint Cookies
2nd place - Pamela Wankling Orange Rosemary Cupcakes
Honourable mention: Rebecca Hadfield Orange Polenta Cake
Huge thanks to Shel Zolkewich for making it happen!"

So congratulations to those folks. Unfortunately, some of the items at the bake sale had already sold out by the time I got there, but here are photos of the tasty treats I was able to see today.
My mother bought these Belgian Chocolate Bourbon Balls and then took them back to the office to give to her co-workers. Apparently they were a huge hit!
At the time when I was choosing what to buy I didn't pay too much attention to the signs, but now that I've had a chance to look back at all of these pictures, I so wish I had bought one of these cookies because chips are the first ingredients!
I was so excited to see these lemon bars because they are gluten free! I bought a package and can't wait to give them to my uncle this weekend. Even though he's not a huge fan of sweets, I'm sure he'll really enjoy them.
So those were just some of the items I saw at the bake sale today. It was great to finally have a chance to eat some baking made by the folks I've met at the previous food blogger events, and I sincerely hope that Manitoba Food Bloggers holds another bake sale soon!
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  1. So sad I missed the event today! The baking looks delicious!!!

  2. All the food looks great. Wish I could have come to this event, I have never been to one yet.