Monday, May 28, 2012

Speaking En Francais In Toronto: Part 1

Well, so far I've been in Toronto for one full week, and man what an experience it's been so far! When I first arrived at the Glendon campus, I thought that I would never leave except for the few excursions I signed up for. Oh, how wrong I was. I ended up spending a good portion of my Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in the heart of down town Toronto, shopping at the Eaton's Centre (a huge mall), taking pictures of buildings, and going out for drinks to socialize with my new classmates.
And the French! At the heart of the program is to learn how to read and write French, and to be honest, that's been quite a ride of it's own. On the first day of the program I felt so lost and alone because I literally couldn't speak any French and could not understand the words others said to me. But now after just one week I feel as though all those years of mandatory French class have come back, and that perhaps I now know more French then I ever have before.
Before I show you the food I've been eating (because I just know that's what you want to see), here are some of the photos I took while sight-seeing. : )
The CN Tower.
A metro bus, something I've ALWAYS wanted to ride.
At one point we stopped at a small amusement town for children (similar to Tinker Town just outside of Winnipeg), and in the little animal area there was a goat standing on the roof of a shed! I wonder how it got up there...
And here is a photo of the courtyard where I have been spending most of my week days chatting with friends, listening to my classmate Ty play his guitar, and tossing around the disc I brought from home.
And before I tell you about the meal plan at the university and what I have been eating, I have some really cool news. When I went to the airport to fly to Toronto, I discovered that Winnipeg's new airport has a Stella's CafĂ© and Bakery inside of it! Awesome. : )
And now here are the photos. The photo below is of the food area in the cafeteria, where the different sections offer a variety of food options for you to choose from. At first I was excited to see the "VEGAN" sign, but sadly the cafeteria doesn't seem to have any vegan options. But there is some good news, so far I've been able to eat very well these past few days because the cafeteria has lots of vegetarian options.
The way the meal plan works is, every student is allowed to have two sides and one main dish for lunch and dinner, and three pieces of food for breakfast (ex. muffin, yogurt, apple, orange, banana, oatmeal, toast, eggs, etc.). So far for breakfast I've been sticking to the apple, orange, banana combo, and thanking my lucky stars that I remembered to pack a serrated knife with me. Then for lunch and dinner I am able to make myself a small salad from the salad bar (woohoo!), and then choose a hot side and main, and so far there has always been one vegetarian main. Here are some pictures of my meals.
A cheesy zucchini and bell pepper dish with carrots and peas to go along with my salad.
An amazing vegetable chilli with steamed and seasoned vegetables.
Curry chick peas with seasoned cauliflower and a salad.
Cheese stuffed pasta with more steamed and seasoned vegetables.
And every once in a while the kitchen will have small pieces of desserts for dinner, like this quarter piece of a cinnamon bun.
All in all it's been pretty good, although, perhaps you may have noticed the lack of sweet things in these photos. Oh gosh, I'm really missing my cookies and brownies! Anyways, I'll keep you guys updated as often as I can, but for now it really feels as though the program has been designed to give the students as little "do-nothing" time as possible. : )
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  1. Love the Toronto pics - and I'm with you on spending time at Eaton Centre :)) I guess I'm your newest follower, I'd love to keep in touch! Enjoy your stay and the French classes!

  2. Looks like you are having a great time! All the food looks great!

    I'm glad to hear you are studying french! We'll have to practice when you get home. I need a refresher myself!

  3. Wow Really interesting!! Love that blog!! :D