Friday, June 29, 2012

Speaking En Francais in Toronto: Part 5, Menchie's

So I'm back from my 5 week stay in Toronto and there are a couple things I've really been starting to miss. The friends I made, the beautiful campus, the super condensed French lessons...and Menchie's! Oh gosh, I miss Menchie's so much! Down the street from the campus where I and all the other students were staying was this amazing frozen yogurt shop. There, you are welcome to serve yourself unlimited samples of all the different flavours the shop is offering that day, and then once you've tried them all, you can pour your frozen yogurt into a bowl, top it with every kind of topping you can imagine, and then enjoy. The shop charges by weight and is actually fairly inexpensive.
The inside of the shop.
So like I mentioned earlier, at Menchie's there are lots of different flavours of frozen yogurt to choose from, and practically a whole wall of toppings that range from fresh fruit, to candy, to various kinds of sauces. Here are some of the combinations my friends and I came up with.
Strawberry Kiwi yogurt with fresh fruit and some candy.
Mocha yogurt + Vanilla yogurt with lots of chocolate candy on top and mochi.
Black Cherry yogurt + Mocha yogurt + Coconut yogurt, with strawberries, chocolate candy, and lots of different kinds of chopped nuts.
Coconut yogurt with brownies, chocolate sauce, and chocolate crunch. This was my combination and it was so good, I had the same thing every time I went back to the shop.
And the best thing about the whole experience was, no one's dessert cost more than $7.00! Mine was around $5.50, while some of the more extravagant ones were closer to $7.00. And these were fairly large cups.
Unfortunately, Winnipeg doesn't have a Menchie's. I've checked. Many times. : (
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Monday, June 25, 2012

Speaking En Francais in Toronto: Part 4, Inniskillin Winery

To begin, I'd like to say "IIIIIII'mmmmm Baaaaaaaaack!" That's right folks, my five week stay in Toronto as a participant in the French Language Explore Program has now come to an end and I'm ready to get back to blogging. I have so many great things to say about the program and the people I met while I was in it, but for now all I'll say is, if you're a student in Canada, apply for the Explore scholarship. You won't regret it.
I also have a lot of pictures from my trip and some of those pictures are of food! In the meantime though, I really wanted to share my first experience going to a winery and tasting wine.
The winery was called Inniskillin and it was a stop our group made on our way to Niagara Falls. Boy, was it ever beautiful. It was a beautiful day to begin with, but the amazing scenery and fields of green were really something to behold.
Before the tasting, we also had a chance to take a tour inside the winery and to see how wine is made.
Then came the tasting. I do not drink alcohol for various reasons such as health, cost, always being the designated driver, etc., but I did try all three of the wines and then spit them into a small container. Yep, I really don't like the smell or taste of wine. The last sample we were given though I didn't mind all that much. It was an icewine that had a slightly citrus flavour and was quite sweet, so for folks that love wine, I would definitely recommend it...if they don't mind the expense. : )
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Speaking En Francais in Toronto: Part 3, Fudge Factory

In my last post I mentioned that Niagara Falls was surrounded by what looked like a permanent carnival containing rides, snack stalls, and small shops. One of those shops I ended up walking into was the Fudge Factory. Inside, the place looked really nice and very similar to a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Shop, but with more fudge flavours and no ice cream to sell.
And now all the different flavours of fudge!
At the shop they have a deal where if you buy three slices of fudge, you get one free, so I bought the rocky road, the turtle, the mint chocolate, and the orange chocolate. Then today, while some other students and I practised our French oral presentations for tomorrow, we cut up my slice of mint chocolate fudge and oh my gosh, was it good! : ) 

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Speaking En Francais in Toronto: Part 2, Niagara Falls

The above picture I took at the CN Tower while standing on the glass floor. It was so cool!
Well, there's only two weeks left of the program I'm in and then I'll be heading home back to Winnipeg. I wish I could show you some beautiful food pictures, but for the past few weeks I've been eating the same cafeteria food day, after day, after day. Man, any more of this and I'm going to go crazy. Thankfully, I went to Niagara Falls this weekend, and contrary to my belief that Niagara Falls was a simple water fall in the middle of the forest, it's actually surrounded by what seems like a permanent carnival. It was here that I was saved and was able to eat some real junk food. Here are some photos from the trip. 
America was just on the other side of this border crossing.
 The American Falls.
And the Canadian Falls. Please tell me I'm not the only one that didn't know there are two falls! : )
After visiting the waterfalls and taking some photos, we walked through the carnival area for some treats before we had to get back on the bus.
Dippin Dots are so neat. The flavour I ordered was called Banana Split, which is a combination of Chocolate, Vanilla, Banana, and Strawberry ice cream.
And then while walking down the street I discovered this BeaverTales shack and almost started jumping up and down. I haven't had a beaver tale in years since the place at the forks that used to make them closed down.
Look at all those lovely flavours.
So naturally I had to get two. The one on the left is a hazelnut tale with powdered sugar, and the one on the right is a classic tale with cinnamon sugar.
So good! The perfect way to end such an exciting day. : )
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