Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ah Bi-Bim-Bap, I've Missed You!

As you may have guessed from the title, I didn't have a chance to eat bi-bim-bap even once while I was in Toronto, so I was missing it badly. So as soon as I had the chance, my mother and I made a trip to my favourite place to get bi-bim-bap here in Winnipeg, Sushi Hiroba.
I think what I love so much about the bi-bim-bap at Sushi Hiroba is the amount of vegetables they put inside. Heaping piles of white radish, carrot, spinach, mushrooms, and cucumbers that lie on top of a bed of rice and then covered with a fried egg and go-chu-jung sauce, come together to make a really delicious and healthy meal.
And then for the first time ever I got to see what a bento box looks like. My mom had always wanted to order one, so she did! Her decision was to go for the bulgogi box since she loved the bulgogi she had at Sushi Hiroba last time.
Because my mother is allergic to shellfish, she told them to leave the shrimp out. She was so surprised and happy to see that instead of shrimp, they gave her some fried gyoza.
My mom and I wasn't sure what this was, but I think it might be some kind of sea vegetable. She didn't like it when she tried it, so I just added it to my bi-bim-bap. More vegetables! : )
And here's the bulgogi and stir-fried vegetables that she loves so much. Just like last time, she said the meat was sweet and tender and oh so good.
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  1. what a wonderful dishes!! These photos look professionally made.

  2. Haven't had good Bi Bim Bap in a long time! Looks good. And the green salad in your mum's bento box is called seaweed salad - a common side dish to sushi, or other Japanese (and sometime Chinese and Korean) dishes. :)