Monday, July 2, 2012

Canada Day in Winnipeg, 2012!

Yesterday was Canada Day and it could not have been more beautiful outside. Sure, it was smokin' hot and made you wish that there were more sprinklers on the earth, but that's what ice cream is for...and mini donuts. : )
My mother and I, following years of tradition, headed downtown in the morning to start our Canada Day right. We went to the forks, walked along the river, listened to some buskers, watched a magic show, and of course had some mini donuts (yay!). Then we overheard on the radio that the folks at the Legislative Building still hadn't taken the picture of the human flag yet, so we decided to walk over to catch a glimpse of the action. It turns out we got there a minute before they took the photo and the staff were looking for some more people to put on white shirts and stand in the front. So we ended up being in the picture too!
Above is a short youtube time-lapse video that shows the whole event. 
Then we decided that we would take a few photos at the leg before we walked into Osborne Village.
And now Osborne Village. I cannot think of a Canada Day where I haven't gone to Osborne Village. It's where all the "Winnipegers" go to shop, eat, drink, and watch live bands play. My mother and I decided to go to Baked Expectations for lunch and, of course, DESSERT! 
My mother ordered the chilli fries.
And I ordered their Caesar Salad.
And then for dessert we decided to share a slice of the Deadly Chocolate Mousse. It...Was...Amazing.
After that I was feeling a little over heated from spending so many hours outside, so I went home to rest and cool off before I returned to Osborne Village to hang out at the Toad Pub with some friends in the evening. Then it was time to go home and get some sleep!
So that was my Canada Day. I hope every one else had an amazing Canada Day as well yesterday, and for all the American folks out there, I hope you have a great 4th of July. : )
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  1. Looks like it was an interesting event. I like the fountain and the pics of the food!!

  2. That Deadly Chocolate Mousse is my FAV! :) nom nom nom!