Sunday, July 8, 2012

Speaking en Francais in Toronto: Part 6, Le Select Bistro!

So definitely one of the coolest experiences I had while I was in Toronto was when my class and I went to a French restaurant. Not only was it amazing going to a restaurant where the restaurant was owned by French people, the servers spoke French, and we had to order everything in French, but the food was also soooo good. The meal I had at this place was by far the best I'd eaten my entire trip.
Here's a small look at the menu. As you can see, the descriptions were all in english (whew!), and there were also lots of vegetarian dishes to choose from.
The server brought out small bowls of butter and warm buns. They were great, and one of my classmates even said that she could have eaten just them for her meal.
The dish I ordered was the Saumon Roti au Quinoa. I am a salmon girl. Really, I love the stuff! And this was salmon just how I like it. Not smoked (I don't like the texture), not raw (my friends all tease me when we go out for sushi), but cooked all the way through and flakey. Forget the quinoa salad on the bottom, although that was delicious too, I hadn't had salmon since landing in Toronto, so this was just the thing I needed.
Another vegetarian dish that one of my classmates ordered was the Risotto Aux Asperges, and it looked amazing.
And yet another vegetarian dish that was ordered was the Fricassee De Champignons, and while not as pretty, it smelled really good.

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  1. nice food!! I'd love to visit Toronto one day. take care XX

  2. That risotto looks fantastic! Yummmmmy! :) What a neat restaurant. I must check it out if I ever get back to Toronto.