Thursday, July 19, 2012

Speaking En Francais in Toronto: Part 7, The Hershey's Store

While I was in Toronto, it felt as though I hadn't taken my camera out nearly as much as I had hoped, but looking back now, it's amazing just how many photos I took while I was there. On one occasion I was able to capture a large portion of the Hershey's store at Niagara falls, and while not as amazing as M&M World in Las Vegas and it's 4 floors of fun, Hershey's had it's own goodies to offer the world.
The Reese's section of merchandise...
And the Jolly Rancher section of merchandise. To be honest, when I think Jolly Ranchers, Hershey's does not come to mind. What a pleasant surprise.
Mmm, I almost bought one of these to take home and make with our fire place here, but I knew I wouldn't have anywhere near enough space to fit a box like this in my suitcase. : )
I thought the giant peanut butter cups looked really good (and almost bought some for myself and my classmates back on campus), and the lady behind the counter was nice enough to let me take a picture of how they are made.
So cute! Man, if the icing didn't require so much blue food dye, I would be making these for every party/sports game I go to.
Wow, that is one very large peanut butter cup.
So long story short, don't go to the Hershey's store hungry. : )
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  1. Definetely an interesting place to go to. Love the look of those cakes!