Saturday, August 18, 2012

Eating at the RRC's Culinary Arts Buffet

Well hello there. Today I am excited to share with you some delicious looking photos from an amazing buffet I went to this past Thursday. The Red River College's culinary arts program decided to hold three lunch buffets this summer and my mother and I managed to slide on in to the last one. I've spoken about the college's culinary arts program before when posting on meals I have eaten at Prairie Lights restaurant, and have mentioned how eating food made by the students is an easy and inexpensive way to try new foods you wouldn't normally find in your local diner. Well, this buffet was no different from those other wonderful evenings (although I have to say the lighting was infinitely brighter) and here are some of the pictures to prove it.
In the buffet there was a huge variety of foods to choose from. There was sushi, cheese fondue, an entire table devoted to desserts, and even a make-to-order pasta section. It was almost too much for little old pescetarian me to handle. : )
These seafood cakes above were definitely the highlight of my meal. They were piping hot and crispy on the outside while being flavourful and flakey on the inside. If they hadn't been so large, I would have gotten more than one.
The fondue table.
I had never heard of "gravlox" before coming to the buffet, and I wish I could tell you how it tastes, but the truth is, I'm not a huge of fan of raw fish and decided to save my stomach space for dessert and pasta!
My mother absolutely loved this asian coleslaw saying that it was really refreshing and crisp.
And now the desserts!
And here was my dessert plate. A bear claw, some pistachio ice cream, a custard tart and a ball that tasted mysteriously like banana bread.
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  1. wow, that looks wonderful. Surely very nice and beautiful to look at to! Lucky you!

  2. Those seafood cakes caught my eye. They look so pretty! I bet they're yummy.