Monday, August 13, 2012

Rich, Home-made Chocolate Ice Cream

Well folks, I am now officially on vacation, which means that it's time to bring out that list of things I've been dreaming of doing while working with kids all day and doing school work all evening. That's right. I wrote the exam for my summer course a little while ago, and my last day of work was Friday, so now I have time to do things like pull out my ice cream machine from the back of the cupboard and make home-made chocolate ice cream!
Wow. No really, WOW! I cannot believe that I have owned this ice cream machine for over a year now and today was the first time I made honest to goodness real authentic ice cream. Sure I've made some other things with it, like vegan vanilla gelato and avocado ice cream, but today I feel like my ice cream maker has finally served its true purpose in making some of the most delicious, creamy, and decadent chocolate ice cream I have ever tasted. In fact, it's the reason why I am saying good bye to those store bought boxes and pails of ice cream forever.
Okay, mayyybe not Haagen Dazs. : )

Home-made Chocolate Ice Cream (adapted from the Sundaes With Cindy Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream)
-1 ounce unsweetened chocolate (1 wrapped square of Baker's Chocolate)
-1/2 cup semi sweet chocolate chips
-1/2 cup heavy cream
-5 egg yolks
-1/2 cup + 2tbsp white granulated sugar
-2 cups of 2% milk

There are a lot of steps and transferring of mixtures when making ice cream, so I highly suggest getting all of your ingredients out and prepared before putting things together.
First, finely chop the unsweetened chocolate. Then put the unsweetened chocolate, semi sweet chocolate, and cream into a small pot and cook on medium heat until all the chocolate has fully melted and combined with the cream. In a large pot, heat your milk on medium for around 8-10 minutes until it starts to bubble a little. While the milk is heating up, beat the egg yolks and sugar together in a large bowl for two minutes with either a hand mixer or standing mixer. When the milk has begun to bubble, take it off of the heat and slowly add it to the egg and sugar mixture while continuing to use the mixer. When all the milk has been added, return the milk, egg, and sugar mixture to the pot, put it onto medium heat, and stir until the mixture becomes 170 degrees F. Once it reaches that temperature, you can take the mixture off of the heat, add the chocolate mixture, and then stir till well combined.
Allow the mixture to cool on the counter for about half an hour, then strain it to capture any pieces of chocolate and cooked egg. Let the mixture sit in a bowl in the fridge for about an hour. After an hour, bring out your ice cream maker (be sure to have let it sit in the freezer over night or for at least six hours). Turn the machine on, pour the mixture in, and then let it run for 20-25 minutes. When the ice cream has finished churning, it can be eaten straight away as soft serve ice cream, or you can transfer it into a container to harden for later.
I'm not going to lie, I definitely had a couple spoonfuls of this as I was putting it into the container. 
So that's how you make authentic chocolate ice cream. There are a lot of steps involved and it's very easy to end up making scrambled eggs (as I discovered the first time I tried making it this morning), but it is well worth it because the ice cream just tastes so good.
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