Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Sleeping Beauty at the BDI

Yesterday was a civic holiday which meant that I had the day off from work! It was really important to me that I do something really special for my day off since it was going to be the only one I got all summer (the morning I missed for my university exam doesn't count!). So that's exactly what I did. A friend from my ultimate team and I drove out to the Grand Prix for an epic (and painful) game of mini golf. He won, I lost, but not before I gave him a good slug in the face with my club (I swear it was an accident!) and then of course the natural progression from mini golf was to get some ice cream from the BDI (Bridge Drive-In).
When we got to the BDI I told my friend that ice cream was on me, you know, because of the whole slugging incident. Originally we were both going to get sundaes, his hot fudge, mine butter pecan, but for some reason that just didn't seem special enough for my day off. So instead I suggested we get a specialty item to share, and in the end we both agreed on the Sleeping Beauty.
The Sleeping Beauty is a treat that consists of half a pineapple, two mounds of vanilla ice cream, strawberries and cherries in sauce, with whip cream, peanuts (optional) and a cherry on top. The cost of this beautiful thing was $8.80.
The first thing I need to say about the Sleeping Beauty is that you have to LOVE pineapple to want to eat it regularly. But really that's no surprise since the whole thing consists of half of a pineapple. I certainly enjoy pineapple a lot, but for me it seemed like the pineapple took over the entire dessert and at one point my friend asked if there was any ice cream in this thing, or just pineapple and whip cream. Eventually we did find the ice cream and all around it was a very enjoyable experience, but I don't think it will replace the Chocolate Chocolate Upside-down as my all-time favourite ice cream to order at the BDI.
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  1. I love this wonderful pineapple dessert. A really delicacy in the summer. Bookmarking!

  2. HOLY CRAP! That looks amazing!!!!!