Tuesday, August 28, 2012

VIMWAC Made it Into foodgawker!

It is now time for the world to rejoice for I have had one of my photos accepted by foodgawker.
Wait, "what is foodgawker?" you say? Oh sweetie, foodgawker is a well known and hugely popular website devoted to displaying the best, and only the best, photos from the foodie blogger world. A few months ago I learned about foodgawker from one of the bloggers I met at a Manitoba Food Bloggers gathering at Bistro 7 1/4. After the event, I created an account on foodgawker and have since submitted what I believed to be the best photo from each post henceforth. Most of you who are fans of foodgawker or perhaps are food bloggers yourself will not be surprised to hear that all of my photo submissions were rejected for various reasons. Poor lighting, tight composition, over exposure, food composition...the list goes on. But just when it seemed as if all hope had been lost, one morning I woke up to discover that the view count on my blog had jumped up by the hundreds over night. How? Well my photo of a bowl of bi-bim-bap from my Make Your Own Bi-Bim-Bap post was accepted!
Because one of my photos has been accepted, I now have a foodgawker gallery and am planning to put a button on my blog that will allow my readers to easily access the gallery whenever they like.
Just in case you couldn't see it in the top photo, I surrounded my picture with a red box to help you.
From now on I shall do my best to continue taking visually appealing photographs of the food I make, and who knows, perhaps some day I will have a foodgawker gallery with more than one photo in it.
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  1. Awe!!!!! That's awesome!!!! *HUGS* It's funny how much value we (or some) food bloggers put on acceptance from Foodgawker. *hehe* It's so disheartening when something is rejected, but it's the BEST feeling when something is accepted. Congrats! Good job sweetie! You deserve it. And deserve a lot more of your pics on their site! :)

    1. Thanks so much Courtney! I really appreciate all the support and encouragement you've given me and I hope that some day I'll have a gallery as vast as yours. : D