Saturday, September 1, 2012

Disney's Castaway Cay, the Serenity Bay BBQ

Ah Castaway Cay, Disney's private island. I've been on a few Disney cruises in my life, and I can say that every time the ship docks at Castaway Cay for it's final stop before returning home, I have an amazing time full of relaxation and tranquility. The island is divided into many sections including the family beach, teen beach, kids beach, and then the adults only beach appropriately named "Serenity Bay". The last time I went on a Disney cruise was last spring as a celebration for my mother finishing her Master's degree, and it was the first time I was old enough to enter the adults only beach.
The biggest difference this beach has from the many others on the island is the noise level. All of the beaches on the island are large, and in total Castaway Cay contains more hammocks and beach chairs than there are passengers on the cruise, but while the family and children's beaches have the same kind of laughter and shouts of joy filling the air as any other local beach, Serenity Bay only contains the sounds of socializing adults as they drink their beverages while sitting on a beach chair chest deep in the salt water (see photo above).
Now what kind of post would this be if I didn't show some pictures of all the amazing food the island had to offer its guests? Unlike the other beaches at Castaway Cay, the adults only beach has it's own BBQ buffet, complete with various kinds of salads, fruits, buns and patties, and a small selection of desserts (including a serve yourself ice cream machine). 
So for folks who are vegetarian, there weren't many options when it came to burger fillings, but for those who did eat meat, the buffet included flame-grilled hamburgers, mahi mahi, chicken, and braised pork ribs (not photographed).
A sand turtle and dolphin I found on the beach while searching for shells.
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