Friday, December 21, 2012

The Newly Opened Royal Punjab

The Royal Punjab opened its doors less than a week ago and tomorrow will mark the third day I am going there to order their amazing vegetarian platter. There aren't a lot of Indian restaurants in this neck of the woods, but I can confidently say that I found a really, really good one.

There are so many things I love about this place. The simple but elegant decor, the comical Italian paintings that I suspect were left behind by previous owners, the fact that the restaurant is across the street from my favourite bubble tea shop Popocha, the building's parking lot that is always empty, and above all other things, the delicious food that contains just the right amount of spiciness, creaminess, and heartiness.

The Royal Punjab is so new, they don't have menus, but never fear, the options that are available are so simple, reading material is unnecessary. The restaurant offers its customers individual platters containing small bowls of different dishes, such as curry chickpeas, spiced yogurt, vegetables, and classics like butter chicken (or in my case, butter tofu).

But I haven't mentioned the best parts about the meal yet. Naan bread is included, as is a small dessert, and the price is so inexpensive! My boyfriend and I went there together, ate far more than we should have and completely stuffed ourselves, and our combined bill at the end of the meal was only $23. Amazing!

People have the option of ordering the vegetarian version or the non-vegetarian version of the platter, or if they're in the mood for something in particular, they can order individual curry dishes. Someday I think I will order lots of the individual dishes when I go with a larger group of friends and we want to share, but for now the platter is the perfect thing for me to eat a variety of delicious Indian dishes.

Here are some photos from my latest visit, including the desserts we received at the end of our meal.

Butter tofu. I used to love butter chicken (really, who doesn't?) so this was such a treat for me.
Another dish that used tofu instead of meat. This one was a tad bit spicier, but so delicious.
These small desserts were deap-fried dough balls covered in syrup called "gulab jamun". I don't have much experience eating Indian desserts, but this one resembled a Tim Hortons "tim-bit" covered in syrup. At first they were a little too sweet and squishy, but after we had finished eating them, my boyfriend and I considered ordering more. Sadly, we were too full.

If you like Indian food and are looking for a place to eat it in the south end of Winnipeg, I highly recommend going to the Royal Punjab located at 2790 Pembina Hwy, just a few minutes drive from the University of Manitoba.

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  1. I was there yesterday, and had the butter chicken platter. The food tasted great, but I found eating it to be very awkward. How did you eat things from the platter? Just spoon things onto bits of the naan? That's what I ended up doing as no plate was provided so you couldn't dump out the rice and then spoon items onto that. And there wasn't even any room on the platter to rest your utensils. Probably next time I will just order separate items. Perhaps I'm missing the point?

  2. OK, well I now realise that I probably royally insulted them because I didn't dump out the rice into the center of the platter and pour the other bowls on top and eat it with the fingers of my right hand. Ooops.

  3. This is my favourite restaurant! We've been going often and loving the food and service each time. We're so glad they opened in Fort Richmond!!!