Friday, February 1, 2013

A Review of Unburger

After hearing about Unburger and Boon Burger and their amazing vegetarian burger options, I decided it was finally time to try them out.

Since becoming a vegetarian I've avoided embarking into the world of veggie burgers and veggies dogs, wary of the additives and artificial flavours to make the patties and dogs taste and have the same textures of their meaty counterparts. However, many people assured me that the food served at these two specialty burger restaurants was nothing like the pre-made patties from a box.

So last week I called up my boyfriend and told him we were going on an adventure. A delicious and filling adventure.
The first thing people need to know before going to Unburger is that there are a lot of options and variations to choose from.

First there are the buns. Regular, multigrain, and lettuce (which results in a messier sandwich, but is awesome if you're avoiding carbs).

Then there are the patties. Regular beef and chicken make up the majority of the menu items, but for vegetarians there are two options. The Bella Burger which comes with a grilled portabella mushroom as the patty, and the Great Falafel, which comes with a falafel style patty.

Lastly there are the toppings that cost from $1-$1.75 each and they include things like avocado, various cheeses, bacon, and even pineapple.

For a complete list of everything that is on the menu, click here.

Above you can see I ordered the Bella Burger on a multigrain bun with avocados as an extra topping. It was delicious and full of flavours from the sharp blue cheese and the balsamic onions and herbed mayo.  The variety of textures also helped to make the burger more complex with the creamy avocado, the crispy bun, and the "meaty" mushroom patty.

Biggest thing to note about this burger. Impossible to fit it all in your mouth.

This is the Great Falafel on a regular bun with an added fried egg on top. It seemed like more of a classic burger with the regular bun and the lettuce and tomato, but what really made it special was the falafel patty. So crispy on the outside, and fluffy on the inside. After trying it I understood why my boyfriend didn't want to share. : )

And this is the "Shareables"plate with both regular fries and sweet potato fries and two of Unburger's original dips. The orange one was a sweet chilli dip and the other was a roasted garlic dip. The whole plate was delicious, but I feel like the burgers are so filling, you don't really need to order them.

Unburger is located just off of Osborne street at 472 Stradbrook. Be careful you don't get it confused with Boon Burger on Sherbrook. I did.
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