Frequently Asked Questions

1. When did you start blogging?
I started blogging in the summer of 2011 on Thursday, July 21. If you would like to see my very first post, here it is.

2. Why did you start blogging?
There's a few reasons. I love food. I love taking pictures. I'm an introverted person who has trouble leaving the house and blogging helps me make contact with other humans. Probably the biggest reason was reading other food blogs. I always thought they were so beautiful and I would drool over them for hours, and I thought, hmm, perhaps one day someone will drool over a blog that I made.

3. What are your favourite blogs?
Gosh, there are so many out there that are simply amazing, so that's really tough. I'm a sucker for blogs with pretty pictures and recipes that include heavy doses of chocolate. I subscribe to around 30 blogs, but my top three would be,

  • Oh She Glows: A fellow Canadian from Toronto who lives a vegan life. She covers everything from desserts, soups, lunches, drinks, etc. Her recipe page is truly inspiring and is where I get most of the vegan recipes I feature on this blog. 
  • Alien's Day Out: A vegan in Seoul, South Korea with amazing artistic talent. She covers deserts, main meals, restaurant and cafe reviews and even opened an online bakeshop. But the reason why I love her blog so much is because of her daily eats which include a lot of traditional Korean cuisine that she has veganized. This is the first blog I ever subscribed to so it's really special to me.
  • How Sweet It Is: A young woman from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with an addiction to chocolate that rivals my own and an obsession with brown butter and bacon. If you are ever looking for something sweet to make, this blog is the place to go. Just look at this fudge!

4. What Kind of Camera do you Use? 
It is a Canon PowerShot SX200IS with 12x optical zoom and 12.1 mega pixels and it cost me a little over $800.00 when I bought it in August, 2009 from Best Buy.
*Please note that this photo was taken with my mom's iTouch. : )

5. Why did you decide to go vegetarian?
I wanted to back when I was a kid because I thought it was cool. But it only lasted a few days. Then I forgot about it until my last year of high school when I had serious weight issues and needed an excuse to stop going out and eating unhealthy foods. When you're a vegetarian it is very hard to go out to a restaurant or fast food place and enjoy a vegetarian meal. 
Eventually I lost all the weight I needed to (45lbs!) but decided to stay a vegetarian for a few reasons. First it was to keep the weight off. Also, it made me feel so much better inside. Eventually I realized that the meat you buy in stores today is not the same kind of meat my family ate while growing up on the farm. All of these combined kept me meat free.

6. Will you ever go vegan?
YES! As soon as I move out. : )

7. What is the hardest part about being a vegetarian?
I always thought it would be hard to have a vegetarian diet, however, the hardest part is not the food aspect. That's surprisingly super easy! The hardest part is telling people that you're a vegetarian. As soon as you do, they label you as a vegetarian. They look at you differently, as if you've decided to go against mother nature. They lecture you on how unhealthy you are, or they decide to make jokes about animal crackers. Eating vegetarian is easy, being vegetarian is not.

8. What is the greatest thing about being a vegetarian?
Oh boy, there's lots!
  • Randomly meeting another vegetarian and becoming instant friends
  • Feeling amazing on the inside
  • Knowing that the only chemicals in your meal come from the pesticides on your fruits and veggies (I know it's not good for you either, but compared to the amount of stuff put into meat, it's nothing)
  • Eating colourful meals
  • Discovering new things about food every day. Can anybody say quinoa?  

If you ever have any questions for me about myself or the blog, please feel free to e-mail me at vimwac@hotmail.com. I'd be happy to hear from you!
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